Animal welfare

At Sheepwash Farm we take a pride in our animal husbandry rearing free range meat which means stress free animals and delicious meat. We believe that all animals should live as naturally as possible, that they should be free range and that our animals deserve the best we can give them.

Our pigs range free All our pigs are free to roam around outside in the sunshine, doing piggy things and socialising as pigs should. Moor Farm is in the fertile Arreton Valley with the highest sunshine index anywhere in the UK, so our animals have 24 hour access to shelters, to provide shade as well as protection from the weather.

Humane husbandry We do not castrate our pigs or clip their teeth or tails. These practices are less common than they were but are still carried out on some farms. Our pigs grow at the rate nature intended, it may be a little slower than other methods, but is well worth it both for the pigs and for our customers.

Our pigs' diet We feed our pigs on natural grains and pulses (certainly nothing that could contain any meat derivatives). There are no genetically modified organisms used anywhere on the farm, no antibiotics or other growth promoting additivies.

Isle of Wight Pig  Farming